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Apex Legends patch notes: super-powered finishers, new hop-ups, and more

(Image credit: EA)

The new Apex Legends patch notes are here, and there are some big changes in effect now that season 3 has arrived. We've already talked about some of the top level stuff like the addition of Crypto, the new map, World's Edge, and players will find some fresh options in both the new battle pass and Charge Rifle weapon. The other big changes in the Apex Legends patch notes are more subtle, but equally impactful - here are the ones you need to know about right now. 

Everybody gets to be an Executioner

The most questionable gold equipment perk is now one of the coolest overall features in Apex Legends. The Executioner perk, which refills your shields when you complete a finisher, has moved from Gold Armor to being a built-in passive perk for every character. This means you actually have a reason to go for finishers now, beyond just styling on your victim. Respawn has shuffled around two of the gold gear perks to compensate: Gold Armor now has the Fast Use perk that used to live on Gold Backpacks, and Gold Backpacks get the new Guardian Angel perk that lets you revive allies with bonus health and shields.

New Hop-Ups rotate in and others out

Item rotations aren't just for Fortnite. From now on, Respawn plans to keep the number of Hop-Ups available in-game consistent while rotating certain specific models in and out. The first change is the removal of Disruptor Rounds and Skullpiercer Rifling (the standard headshot damage multipliers for the DMR and Wingman have both been buffed from 2.0 to 2.15 to compensate). Two new Hop-Ups are taking their place: the gold Anvil Receiver, which gives the Flatline and R-301 much higher damage in semi-auto mode at the cost of double ammo consumption and a slower rate of fire; and the purple Double Tap Trigger, which gives G7 Scouts and EVA-8 Autos two-round bursts with each trigger pull. 

New ways to communicate and stay aware.

Got a bunch of stuff unlocked? You can make more use of it with a "Random" option for customizing your unlocked load screens and a bigger Ping Wheel, now with up to 8 intro or kill quips able to be equipped at once. Be careful though, because enemies can hear your quips when you activate them. Respawn has also taken another much-needed pass on audio balance to make footsteps, ziplines, and jump jets all more audible in the right circumstances. Lastly, each character now has voice lines that they'll say when you get third partied - that is, when you're fighting a squad and another squad deals you damage.

Check out the developers' official post on Reddit for the full Apex Legends patch notes.

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