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A new Lego Batman Tumbler Batmobile is on the way, and it looks awesome

A new Lego Batman Tumbler is on the way, and it looks awesome
(Image credit: LEGO)

A new Lego Batman Tumbler Batmobile is rolling our way this October 1, and it recreates the Dark Knight's ride from Batman Begins in miniature form. But that's not the cool bit. Instead, and unlike other versions of the Lego Batmobile, this one's affordable. Very affordable. In fact, you can pre-order the kit for $39.99 at Amazon in the US or £34.99 on the official Lego UK store. Compared to the original set (which is getting a November re-release at a 'mere' $229.99 / £209.99), that may as well be pocket change.

Officially dubbed 'Scarecrow Showdown', the set features 422 pieces, a cabin that can be opened, and two minifigures - Batman himself (naturally) and Scarecrow. Because this kit is based on the Dark Knight trilogy's first instalment, you're also getting an alternate 'nightmare' head for Bats that's inspired by the scene where he goes all... oozy. Delightful.

While this revised Batmobile isn't as big as the special collector's edition, it's still impressively detailed. Despite the lower price, this doesn't look cheap or like a compromise; it's a picture-perfect recreation of the vehicle that's instantly recognizable. It even has little dashboards beside the driver's seat, a mini steering-wheel, accessories for both characters, and studs you can fire at any no-good criminals. Or, I dunno, your housemate.

LEGO Batman Tumbler: Scarecrow Showdown

(Image credit: LEGO)

However, that isn't to say the bigger collector's version is bad. It isn't. It's an absolute monster in size thanks to a ridiculous 2,049 pieces, and the intricacy of it is really something else - having seen it in person, I can confirm that it's freakin' awesome and is one of the best Lego sets for fans of the Dark Knight movies.

No matter which version you have your eye on, hopefully, these sets receive a discount during the upcoming Black Friday Lego deals. The cheaper Scarecrow Showdown version would be a perfect gift candidate if it dropped in price this November, for example.

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