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Twisted Metal vehicles and weapons guide

The Road Boat doesn’t have a particularly powerful special weapon set per se, but you can annoy the crap out of your enemies by grabbing them with your front-end magnet and either slamming them into things for damage or hurling them out of bounds. Use the magnet in combination with freeze missiles for maximum effectiveness.

Speed: 2

Armor: 3

Special: 3

Special: Magnetic Projectiles (33 max)

Like any homing missile, only you can hit three targets at once. The max damage given is for when you hit a single enemy with all three projectiles. If you fire without a lock-on, the projectiles will bounce off any non-vehicular surface. This actually increases their damage potential.

Alt Special: Mega-Magnet (varies)

Once you activate your front-end magnet any vehicle within a certain range will be dragged onto your front bumper. Use this opportunity to turbo boost them into a wall or another vehicle. If you hold R2 with an enemy attached, you can charge up the magnet and launch your foe. Just know that the magnet will not last indefinitely, and that enemies can break free pretty quickly, so deal your damage as fast as you can.

Since both of its special weapons can be manually detonated, the Shadow is a vehicle great for those who have a good sense of what’s going on all around them.

Speed: 2

Armor: 3

Special: 2

Special: Death Coffin (90 max, 20 indirect)

The Death Coffin is a fast-moving, ground-based projectile that bounces off walls and can be detonated manually by pressing R2. You won’t get the maximum damage unless the coffin travels a considerable distance first.

Alt Special: Reticle Death Coffin (70, 120 stage 2)

This coffin will stay wherever it lands and can be remotely detonated. If you wait for it to reach stage 2 before detonating, the damage output will be much higher. Be careful when throwing the coffin to avoid direct hits; during stage 1, the super coffin does less direct damage than its standard counterpart.

Here we have the most maneuverable car in the game. It has extremely powerful specials too, but with only one point of armor, you’re going to need some serious driving skills to survive.

Speed: 5

Armor: 1

Special: 5

Special: Flamethrower (119 max)

This weapon is exactly the same as the Kamikaze’s flamethrower only it deals slightly more damage, making it one of the best specials in the game. Keep it trained on the enemy to get the full damage potential.

Alt Special: Shockwave (20 max)

It’s not very damaging, but the shockwave has a massive radius. Make sure to fully charge the attack by holding R2 for maximum effectiveness.