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Twisted Metal vehicles and weapons guide


Note: All numbers inside parenthesis denote damage values

Sweet Tooth is a well-balanced vehicle with a very simple (yet powerful) primary special. This makes the truck a good choice for beginners, though piloting the Sweet Bot effectively may take some practice.

Speed: 2

Armor: 4

Special: 5

Special: Laughing Ghost (40 max)

While slow, this homing attack does high damage and can pass right through objects.

Alt Special: Sweet Bot

Activating the secondary special turns your ice cream truck into a flight-capable, bipedal robot. While in this mode, the Sweet Bot controls like any wheeled vehicle - as in hold square to accelerate, etc. This special lasts indefinitely until you use the head toss special (R2), deactivate it yourself (R1 or L1), or are hit with a freeze missile.

In this state you can fire improved machine guns by pressing L2 and use standard equipment such as the freeze missile. Pressing R2 will cause the bot to take of its head and toss it, dealing a max damage of 20. However, the head does not track very well and can be unreliable, especially at close range.

Pushing either stick forward after jumping causes the bot to enter flight mode, which can be sustained until you land or run out of turbo. In this mode, you control Sweet Tooth like you would a helicopter. Pressing jump again will cause the bot to use its drop attack - assuming there is enough turbo meter left. This causes ram damage from the hit and splash damage from the drop.

Simply a great tank-type vehicle. You can absorb a lot of punishment in the Darkside, and its weapons are reliable and simple.

Speed: 2

Armor: 4

Special: 4

Special: Darkside Slam (78 max)

This move is very similar to a turbo boost ram, but you only need press one button (no waggle, thank goodness) and the damage output is slightly higher.

Special 2: 4 Mines (15 max each)

Press down on the d-pad when your special weapon is selected to drop four large mines from the back of the vehicle. Since Darkside is not very maneuverable, this can be a great way to shake those pesky pursuers.

Alt Special : Trigun (59 max)

Hold down R2 to use the minigun turret on top of the vehicle. This tracks very well and has great range, making it one of the more reliable special weapons.

Not the most impressive vehicle. Vermin’s only real draw is its piloted missile, which allows you to find a hiding spot and wreak havoc without getting your hands dirty.

Speed: 2

Armor: 3

Special: 3

Special: Rat Rocket (30 max)

A reliable rocket that tracks just like a homing missile.

Alt Special: Piloted Rat Rocket (100 on direct hit, 20 indirect)

Steer the rocket with the left stick and control its speed with the right. A direct hit causes massive damage and blows your enemy off the ground. Just make sure to reach your target quickly, as not only is the rocket short on fuel, but your vehicle is left defenseless while you are controlling it.

The Meat Wagon is a lot like the Vermin - an unimpressive vehicle with a piloted special. Meat Wagon’s primary special is more powerful than the Vermin’s, but the alt special is slightly weaker.

Speed: 2

Armor: 3

Special: 3

Special: Gurney Bomb (40 max)

An exploding lock-on weapon that blasts your opponent off the ground. The weapon itself is restricted to ground travel only, because... well, it’s a gurney.

Alt Special: Piloted Gurney Bomb (90 max, 20 indirect)

Similar to the Vermin’s piloted Rat Rocket, but restricted to ground travel only. Though you can control its speed with the right stick, this weapon is not very maneuverable, so try to have a clear line of sight before using firing.