"Three minutes in and I’m already emotional" – The internet reacts to the Star Trek Discovery season 2 premiere

Captain Pike in the Star Trek Discovery season 2 premiere

The Star Trek Discovery season 2 premiere is here! It’s felt like a long, long time since we left Michael, Stamets, Saru, and co. standing jaws agape at the USS Enterprise but, thankfully, you’ll be pleased to know that the show got back in its groove immediately with Star Trek Discovery season 2, episode 1, Brother. 

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Spoiler: The internet agrees too! And it’s not often they do that, let me tell you. Read on for the best Star Trek Discovery season 2 premiere reactions, including the response to new characters and surprise twists so, y’know, spoilers to follow.

Tell him your name, Pike!

Goodbye Lorca, hello Pike. The original Enterprise captain, played expertly by Anson Mount, made his bow on Discovery in typically confident fashion. While he may have ruffled some feathers (and whatever Saru is made out of) on the bridge, fans watching at home couldn’t get enough.

The best Jet in space since Cowboy Bebop

But Pike wasn’t the only new person to make their mark. Stand-up comedian and all-round amazing person Tig Notaro almost stole the show as Jet Reno in the latter half of the premiere. From her deadpan deliveries to putting Pike in his place for asking stupid questions, Reno is one character we can’t way to see more of.

Tilly is still the greatest

The best character on TV is Tilly, okay? That is all.

Starting off with a bang

Returning after such an acclaimed season is always a tricky course to navigate, but it definitely felt like Star Trek Discovery’s second season stuck the landing – and then some. Some viewers were even getting a bit emotional. D’aww.

Feeling blue? Bye, bye annoying guy

Redshirts always die, right? That’s pretty much one of the few steadfast rules in Star Trek canon. Not so this time. This time, we got the most annoying blueshirt in the history of blueshirts trying to mansplain to Michael bloody Burnham. It’s too bad he didn’t see that asteroid coming...

Baby Spock (do, do, do, do, do)

Spock was mentioned throughout the episode – and heavy promoted in trailers and teasers – but the show is holding off Michael meeting up with Young Spock (for now). Instead, we got a few strange Kid Spock interludes, including the Vulcan throwing a strop at his new half-sister. Sassy.

So, where does that rank among your all-time best Star Trek episodes

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