How to Tailslide in THPS 1 and 2, plus how to Tailslide the Venice Ledge

THPS How to Tailslide
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Knowing how to Tailslide in THPS 1 and 2 is crucial because it's one of the basic grind moves that you can pull off in Tony Hawk Pro Skater, especially when you want to maintain a combo. Tailslides and Noseslides are often confused though because they're both executed in similar ways. Here's all you need to know about how to Tailslide in THPS 1 and 2, including how to do the Venice Ledge Tailslide.

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How to Tailslide in THPS 1 and 2

THPS how to Tailslide

(Image credit: Activision)

Alright, so the button combo for a Tailslide is right on the d-pad, combined with Triangle/Y to grind. That's the simple answer. Sometimes however, you'll execute a Noseslide instead of a Tailslide. This is due to your stance.

Pressing R2/RT while on flat ground will switch your stance. In the regular stance, when you approach a rail and jump to grind, you want your back to be facing the rail in order to Tailslide. If you're in the switch stance, you need to face the rail when you grind to Tailslide. Doing the reverse of these will result in a Noseslide instead.

How to Tailslide the Venice Ledge

The GIF above shows exactly how to Tailslide the Venice Ledge.

Turn around from the start and go down the slope to the quarter pipes, then jump over the low wall and land on the wooden walkway. Ride round to the short ledge that goes down the slope towards the beach and Tailslide to complete the task. As long as you're in regular stance, approaching this as shown in the GIF and pressing right + Triangle/Y should complete it.

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