THPS Pagoda Gap Streets: Where to complete the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Pagoda Gap

THPS Pagoda Gap Streets
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When you make it to the Streets, you'll need to do the THPS Pagoda Gap if you want to fully complete everything. It's one of the harder gaps in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 though, largely due to how obscure it is. There's a chance you'll auto-complete it when going for the Secret Tape but if not, here's where you need to go to tick off the THPS Pagoda Gap Streets.

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THPS Pagoda Gap Streets location

Check out the GIF above for a video demonstration of how to complete the THPS Pagoda gap on Streets.

From the start of the level, you want to head down the big slope then keep following the road until you reach the abstract statue on your right (the same one you need to 5-0 around for another goal.

Approach it from the top and you can ollie on to the central section, ride along, then use the end as a ramp to reach the building ledge opposite, completing the Fountain Gap in the process.

Follow this building all the way around the back, then jump over to the next ledge. Head up the smaller ramp that opens up into a bigger section, then keep ascending the exterior of the building until you reach the top.

Ride up the next ramp then use the section sticking out to jump through the glass roof of the pagoda in the middle of the courtyard area. This should collect the secret tape if you haven't got it already, along with counting as the Pagoda Gap — as long as you don't bail the jump!

If you're struggling to pull it off, invest some stat points into speed, oillie, and air. These will help you with your distance off the ramp, along with some of the other trickier gaps to complete in the game. Don't forget you can adjust your stats whenever by taking points out of one category and putting them in another, even if you don't have any new stat points to collect on the levels.

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