THPS Burnside Over Da Pool gap: Where to find the Over Da Pool gap on Burnside

THPS Burnside Over Da Pool gap
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The THPS Burnside Over Da Pool gap is one of the trickier ones to do in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2, because it's not very obvious at all. Ticking off all the gaps in the game is one of the grindiest (pun intended) tasks if you intend on 100% completing everything, but we're here to help. Read on for an explanation on how to complete the THPS Burnside Over Da Pool gap.

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THPS Burnside Over Da Pool gap explained

See the gif embedded above? That's how you complete the THPS Burnside Over Da Pool gap. It's not particularly tricky once you know where to go, because you essentially just have to jump across the small eyeball pool without bailing.

Just approaching it from the start of the level won't do though. Use the half pipes on the back wall to build your special meter up (because it makes you go faster), then use the short quarter pipe to gain enough air to cross the pool. Make sure you're holding forward on the analog stick though so you don't just fly into the air and come back down again. Pulling off a cheeky Boneless will give you some extra air too.

If you're still struggling to get far enough, re-spec your character stat points to focus on things like speed, air, hangtime, and ollie. If you've got those maxed up, you should be able to complete the Over Da Pool gap without any issues.

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