Who dies in Thor: Love and Thunder? Every death listed and explained

Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher
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Wondering who dies in Thor: Love and Thunder? That's a fair question. Taika Waititi managed to squeeze a lot into the movie's relatively short runtime, including some major deaths that will be sure to pull at your heartstrings. More than that, though, there are some ambiguous endings for certain characters in Thor: Love and Thunder, and you may be wondering whether they're actually dead or not.

Before we get too involved, let's preface this by saying there are major spoilers ahead for who dies in Thor: Love and Thunder. From this point on, we're going into the specifics of what happens in the new Marvel movie. So, if you haven't seen Thor 4, turn around now – or at least find out when to expect Thor: Love and Thunder on Disney Plus though that link.

Who dies in Thor: Love and Thunder

Still here? Then you've seen Love and Thunder – and you know not everyone makes it out of the movie alive. Below, we break down every single major death in the movie. Get the tissues ready…

Gorr's daughter (sort of)

Chris Hemsworth with daughter India Hemsworth

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The movie begins with Gorr and his daughter struggling through a dry wasteland. Though Gorr prays for salvation, but his daughter, tragically, eventually dies. However, Gorr makes it to water and food, lured by the sound of the Necrosword – a weapon capable of slaughtering Gods. He's responsible for most of the movie's other deaths. 

Gorr's daughter doesn't stay dead for long. At the end of the film, Gorr uses his one wish from the Eternity – a cosmic wish-granter – to bring his daughter back to life, and she ends up in Thor's care (and named Love). She's also played by Chris Hemsworth's very real daughter, India Rose Hemsworth. For more, check out our guide to the Thor: Love and Thunder ending.

Multiple Gods

A dead god in Thor: Love and Thunder

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When Gorr makes it to sustenance, his God mocks him, telling him there's no eternal reward awaiting him after death. Gorr, whose daughter has just died in front of him, takes the Necrosword, kills the God with the weapon, and vows that "all Gods must die." He's not joking, either: multiple Gods are killed throughout the runtime, though Gorr doesn't kill any more on-screen. 

Thor finds out about the deaths thanks to distress calls coming into the Guardians of the Galaxy's ship, and at one point he comes across the body of a huge, hyena-looking god – and reunites with Lady Sif, who has lost an arm but survives her battle wounds. 

Korg (sort of)

Korg in Thor: Love and Thunder

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When Thor, Valkyrie, Jane, and Korg travel to Ominipotence City in the hopes of raising a divine army, the thunder god asks Russell Crowe's Zeus if he can borrow his lightning bolt. Zeus isn't so keen on the idea, and ends up throwing his lightning bolt at Korg, which strikes him to rubble. Thor is distraught and attacks, believing his friend to be dead, but Korg is actually fine – his head is still intact, which is all he needs. He later gets his body back, too.  

Zeus (sort of)

Russell Crowe as Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder

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When Thor believes Korg to be dead, he attacks Zeus – and ends up piercing him through the chest with his own lightning bolt. Ouch. The Greek god plummets from his plinth and is presumed dead for the rest of the movie, but the first of the Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits scenes reveals he's actually alive… and is upset that gods are no longer taken seriously by humankind. He tasks his son Hercules, played by Ted Lasso's Brett Goldstein, with making mortals afraid again. Read more on him in our guide to Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Gorr the God Butcher

Thor: Love and Thunder

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During the film's climactic battle, Jane breaks the Necrosword, and Gorr becomes his mortal self again. He tells Thor that he's dying: that's because the weapon has been corrupting and weakening him as he uses it throughout the movie. Before he dies, Gorr asks the thunder god to care for his daughter, who he brings back using his wish from Eternity. Gorr then dies, and Thor makes good on his promise. He and Gorr's daughter unite to protect the universe as 'Love and Thunder.' 

Jane Foster

Thor: Love and Thunder

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Throughout the movie, Jane suffers from Stage 4 cancer. We see her undergoing chemotherapy, and when she stumbles across a book that says Mjolnir gives its wielder good health, she travels to New Asgard in the hopes of finding a way to get better. While Mjolnir does choose her as worthy and turns her into Mighty Thor, though, it doesn't cure her cancer. In fact, using it drains Jane's mortal strength, so it only accelerates the damage the disease is causing. 

Jane jumps into the film's final fight to save Thor from Gorr and uses Mjolnir to break the Necrosword. That weakens her so much that she dies in Thor's arms in the movie's saddest moment. But we haven't seen the last of Jane. The film's second post-credits scene reveals that she's in Valhalla, the viking afterlife. She's met by Idris Elba's Heimdall, who died back in Avengers: Infinity War. Hopefully, that means more legendary adventures are on the way for both in a potential Thor 5

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