This PS5 deal gets you the Razer Kaira Pro wireless headset for a record low price

Razer Kaira Pro for PlayStation
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This PS5 deal is a great one that comes just in time to celebrate the weekend with - and perfect for those that have been eyeing up a premium headset coming crashing down in price. Right now you can get the excellent Razer Kaira Pro for PlayStation for just $129.99 (down from $150) today at Amazon. This brings the headset down to the lowest ever price, never before seen.

This is significant not only from a straightforward number of dollars perspective, but this basically changes the entire price category of the set, lifting out of the premium end of the spectrum and placing it firmly in the mid-tier PS5 deal kind of position, offering excellent value for money for one of the best gaming headsets going. 

For added context, this is a $200 headset, and its feature set really does a good job of warranting that. And it's the inclusion of Razer's HyperSense haptics that take it to another level and cement it at the premium end of the scale. This acts as an extra level of immersion meaning you can feel every bullet, every collision, and every word from your friend you're co-oping with - yes, seriously, turn it off when you're playing multiplayer. The audio quality is awesome, the mic is great, and the built quality is of the highest standard too. This PS5 deal is about as good as it gets this side of next month's Prime Day PS5 deals.

We've seen its Xbox counterpart come down to this price - and beyond - a couple of times, but that line came out way earlier than the PlayStation sets so that's to be expected. As a result, this really is the headset's lowest ever price - the closest it's ever come before was $150 in April/May-time this year.

For more information on this deal on one of the best PS5 headsets, read below, and there are some more options beneath that too.

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Razer Kaira Pro| $150 $129.99 at Amazon
Save $60; lowest ever price

Razer Kaira Pro| $150 $129.99 at Amazon
Save $60; lowest ever price - This premium wireless PS5 headset is the full package in my opinion. And at this record low price, it offers unparalleled value. COming string from Razer, known quality gaming audio experts, the inclusion of the HyperSense haptics is a real bonus and the mic is incredibly clear too. A great PlayStation headset.

Razer Kraken | Green | $79.99$31.99 at Amazon
Save $48/60%

Razer Kraken | Green | $79.99 $31.99 at Amazon
Save $48/60% - If you aren't bothered about going wireless and are looking for a simple wired solution then this absolutely bonkers price on the Kraken headset is for you. It's been around the $40 mark over the past few months but this is brand new record lowest ever price territory.

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