Cheap broadband deal with award-winning Plusnet includes £80 Reward Card but ends soon

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While unlimited data cheap broadband deals are fairly common nowadays, they're certainly far from equal in terms of quality. And let's face it, reliable broadband has never been more important. More of us are working from home so can't afford connection dropouts, and the amount of movie streaming sites is constantly growing, along with more speed-reliant options for streaming 4K content (like Disney Plus or Netflix).

As a result, it's certainly not something we'd choose to 'cheap out' on. That doesn't mean you can't get a good offer with a bit of patience, though. And if you've been waiting a while, today's a great time to strike with this exclusive Plusnet broadband deal. It comes with unlimited data, an average download speed of 66Mb, and an £80 Reward Card to spend anywhere online or on the high street that takes Mastercard.

As you can see in the image above, the Plusnet chap and the team have been racking up the silverware lately. In this year's Uswitch Awards, Plusnet walked away with Broadband Provider of the Year, Best Provider for Customer Service, Best Value Broadband Provider and Most Popular Broadband Provider. And when you think about how much people in the UK have relied on their broadband in the last year, that's an impressive collection of trophies. 

Cheap broadband deal of the week

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra | FREE setup | 66Mb (average speed) | 18-months | £80 Reward Card | £24.99 a month

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra | FREE setup | 66Mb (average speed) | 18-months | £80 Reward Card | £24.99 a month
That £80 Reward Card improves on the recent £70 offer and the monthly price is excellent for 66Mb average speeds. You'll easily stream 4K content with that even while a few other devices are on the go. We love how it's only an 18-month deal too - often low prices like this are reserved for contracts that lock you in for two years. This broadband deal expires at 23:59pm, June 29th.

For our money, this is the best cheap broadband deal around right now. But if you'd like to weigh it up against some other options, then take a look at our comparison chart below. Simply pop in your postcode and see what offers are available in your area.

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