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This cheap headset deal will serve you perfectly for gaming and working from home

This cheap headset deal will serve you perfectly for gaming and working from home
(Image credit: Corsair)

If you're looking for a cheap headset that still resides in the gaming sphere to serve you while working from home at your PC, then this deal is one you should consider immediately - premium Corsair headsets (of the $100 / £100 mark) make excellent additions to your gear, especially when they're going as cheap as this. Right now, on both sides of the pond, you can pick up the Corsair VOID PRO RGB wireless headset for a cracking price: $54.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab) stateside, a saving of $45, and £69.99 at Amazon UK (opens in new tab) across the pond.

The US price represents this wireless headset's lowest ever price (as far as we can tell), while in the UK that price tag is the second-lowest ever price the headset has been at - and the cheapest for months.

Made for seamless, tether-free use on PC, this excellent headset has a noise-cancelling mic for clear comms, two solid 50mm speaker drivers that deliver an excellent range and detail of sound (covering a frequency of 20Hz - 20 kHz), and execute genuine Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound to put you right in the thick of it. The memory foam ear cups of this Corsair wireless headset provide exceptional comfort and breathability as well, so you'll have comfort for hours.

It's a fine headset for work and PC play. And hey, just because a lot of us are having to get some extra tech in so as to work from home more productively, it doesn't mean we can't look for gear with a gaming edge as well.

Cheap gaming headset deal

Corsair VOID PRO RGB wireless headset (White) | $54.99 at Best Buy (save $45) (opens in new tab)
The lowest ever price for this quality PC headset makes this purchase a total bargain. The design and build quality, combined with audio excellence and being tether free, makes it a perfect companion for work and play.

Corsair VOID PRO RGB wireless headset (White) | £69.99 on Amazon UK (opens in new tab)
Just a few pounds from being the lowest ever UK price, this is still a great deal for the headset in the UK and offers great value for money.

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