*UPDATE: It's been cancelled* This £250 PS4 Pro Black Friday deal is utterly ridiculous... in the best way

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***UPDATE 2 Friday 10.15 GMT: There are numerous reports that orders have been cancelled and Currys are issuing refunds without explanation. Seems this offer was too good to be true***

If you want a whole load of content and a PS4 Pro for just £249.99, you can right now with this utterly fantastic Currys deal. You get four games - Star Wars Battlefront 2, Knowledge is Power and Gran Turismo Sport - three months of PS Plus and more for under £250. This might be the best Black Friday gaming deal, like, ever.

***UPDATE 21.39 GMT: As predicted, it looks like this deal got closed down fast*** 

Best deal currently available at Currys

Sony PS4 Pro with 3x great games: So, the earlier Currys deal was, sadly, an error on behalf of the retailer. This PS4 Pro with COD WW2, GT Sport, and Fallout 4 however is the real deal, and a bargain at £299.99 from Currys.

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