Thief gameplay trailer shows Garrett's sneaky moves, action acrobatics

Thief's new Garrett is more of an action hero than the old larcenist ever was: slow-motion reflexes help him slip down a stairwell before anyone is the wiser, slow-motion leaps help him escape a burning building, and slow-motion beatdowns help him put the hurt on a few guards when his burglary plan goes pear-shaped.

Some light dubstep (thiefstep) completes the metamorphosis in this three-minute mission rundown trailer, narrated by the shadowy fellow himself.

Eidos Montreal's blend of new and old expands the series' playstyle, but its developers still have strong thoughts on what makes stealth appealing.

Thief will hit PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on Feb. 25, 2014 in North America and Feb. 28 in Europe.