These RTX gaming laptop deals offer a cheap route to Nvidia's 30-series generation

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It always seems that the most attractive RTX gaming laptop deals often involve you parting with an enormous amount of cash. Particularly when you're chasing those awesome RTX 3080 laptop beasts. However, that's not the case today, as we've found a small handful of RTX laptops at Dell that warrant your attention - particularly if you're looking at saving some cash, not splashing out, but still eyeing up the new 30-series.

Cutting to the chase, there are three RTX laptop deals on offer today, enabling swift and value-busting entry into the 3050-end of the RTX line. A Dell G15 Ryzen edition gaming laptop is down to just $820, a 3050 Ti-powered Dell G5 has $305 off its price tag and is now $880, and if you can stretch the budget just a little more, you can save over $300 on an Alienware m15 R6 laptop, which is an RTX 3060 laptop, and is now $1,180.

While these represent the least powerful 30-series cards on the market right now, you're still getting excellent value, and gear from Nvidia's latest graphics lineup. The AMD CPU in the G15 Ryzen variant is sure to be an additional pull to gamers who value Team Red's components. 

These are great prices, and if you're thinking about pulling the trigger before the Black Friday laptop deals and Black Friday Nvidia deals, then these might just fit the bill.


Dell G15 Ryzen Edition gaming laptop | RTX 3050 GPU |  $985 $819.99 at Dell
Save $165 - Yup, this is the baby of the 30-series line from Team Green, but this RTX laptop deal is solid. You're getting a quality AMD Ryzen processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD inside the laptop to get you going. It's the perfect candidate for an entry-level, yet modern, gaming laptop.


Dell G15 gaming laptop | RTX 3050 Ti | $1,185 $879.99 at Dell
Save $305 - A deep cut on this machine makes it an RTX laptop deal worth taking note of if you're after a little more power from your money. The supporting cast to that GPU is competent too: an i5-11400H CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. Just about the right amount of compromises you'd expect.


Alienware M15 R6 gaming laptop | RTX 3060 laptop | $1,494 $1,179.99 at Dell
Save $314 - Hurry! Nearly 100% claimed! -  This is a hefty saving on a more-Premium gaming laptop from Dell, in the form of a machine from their gaming nutters at Alienware. The right compromises are made to keep the cost down while the performance at a good level still, however, with an Intel i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD. It's even got a very speedy 165Hz screen to ensure buttery smooth images.

While these builds keep your feet firmly on the ground, they offer genuinely good value. Even if you were to step up to the likes of an RTX 3070 laptop, you'd soon be spending far more. 

If you need a bit more choice, however, then check out some of the prices on some contenders for best gaming laptop just below. 

If you're after the graphics cards themselves, then good luck! But you can swot up on the best info on where to buy RTX 3060 cards, where to buy RTX 3070 GPUs, where to buy RTX 3080 units, and where to buy RTX 3090 beasts with our respective guides.

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