The Wild trailer hits web

Now, we at Total Film would hate to accuse the Hollywood dream factory of scraping the bottom of the idea barrel. But such niggling suspicions are hard to ignore when you see a trailer like The Wild.

Welcome to the world of Benny (Jim Belushi), a lion who enjoys top cat status at the New York Zoo. Each night when the attraction closes, he and his animal buddies enjoy the place to themselves. But then his son, Samson is lion-napped and shipped off to Africa. So he and some of his mates, including a koala voiced by Eddie Izzard, must escape from their cushy lives and track Samson down. Now they really are in… the wild. See what they did there?

If that plot description has you reaching for the wait-a-minute button on your magical internet, you’re not alone. This sound suspiciously like DreamWorks’ ‘toon of last summer, Madagascar. So, was it one of those flukes of production, with similar ideas bursting into spontaneous life? Er, no one is quite sure. Rumours swirl that the same script spurred both films, but there’s been no real proof.

Still, take a look at the trailer here and then roar your opinion in the forum.

source:( MovieFone )

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