The Suicide Squad to arrive a day early in the US, new poster reveals

The Suicide Squad trailer
(Image credit: DC/Warner Bros.)

James Gunn announced a couple of exciting tidbits for his legions of fans via Twitter, confirming The Suicide Squad is now set to drop one day early in US theaters. The movie's main August 6 release date still stands for its HBO Max bow, but die-hard DC fans eager to see the movie on the biggest screen possible can now do so on Thursday, August 5. 

Gunn also dropped a rollickin' new poster for the flick which features the main gang. What separates this from previous promotional snaps is how they're featured: the whole motley crew are depicted in silhouette, standing on the profile of team leader, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). It's a different approach to the usual superhero visuals implemented on one-sheet posters.

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In the same breath, Gunn let slip that it's his birthday on August 5, responding to a fan who asked if they need to bring a gift: "You going to the theater IS my present." Perhaps as a treat he'll stop by an unsuspecting theater to experience his latest superhero outing with an opening night crowd? Who knows? This sort of thing isn't out of the question. 

What we can say, whether or not Gunn shows up, is that the movie promises to be an absolute riot. Clocking in at 132 minutes, with so much bloodshed hardly anyone survives, this newest riff on the antiheroes isn't quite the remake we'd heard about, star John Cena recently describing it as neither a sequel or reboot

It's too early to say for certain whether we'll get a sequel as Gunn's commitments afterward are plentiful. Fans will be pleased to hear he's not venturing too far for his next undertaking: we're getting an HBO Max prequel spinoff series starring Cena's character Peacemaker.

Ahead of The Suicide Squad's release – one day earlier, wahoo! – on August 5 in US theaters and August 6 for HBO Max subscribers, catch up on everything we found out about the superhero extravaganza in our set visit report. UK fans can, of course, catch the movie a whole WEEK earlier when it debuts in cinemas on July 29. 

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