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The Race is on

Wednesday 11 October 2006
SimBin, the creators of the race-tastic GTR and GT Legends motorsports games, has announced Race: The Official WTCC Game for PC.

With a release date set for 24 November, Race will feature the complete 2006 season of the World Touring Car Championship, including teams and drivers, 60 cars and 10 licensed tracks from around the globe.

The real-world WTCC covers 10 tracks from Brands Hatch in the UK to Monza in Italy and Puebla in Mexico, with race teams driving cars from BMW, Seat, Chevrolet and Peugeot. Race will feature all these tracks and cars, along with a 26-player online racefest.

Above: WTCC is licensed to the hilt, with official driver names, tracks and car livery

SimBin's previous titles have been rock-hard, realism-heavy affairs, which are superbly detailed and engrossing games if you've got the grit to master their high-speed challenge. Race has come right out of the blue today, but with such a racing pedigree behind it we're expecting a solid and exciting ride come November.