The PS5 wishlist just got a big money-saving update

(Image credit: Future)

The PS5 wishlist just got a big update that'll prove mighty handy to frugal gamers this holiday season and beyond.

We've been able to add games to the PS5's wishlist and get notifications when they launched or went up for pre-order, but today's update lets you add notifications for when a game gets discounted. That way, if there's a game you've had your eye on but you're not keen on paying full price, you can just wait for a sale notification without constantly checking the PlayStation Store.

This is a pretty common feature on PC and console wishlists these days - Steam and the Switch eShop have something similar - so it's good to see the PS5 thinking of its cost-conscious playerbase as well. Since the PS5 lets you access your wishlist from the console itself, and not just the PS Store app or webpage, you can set up to receive sale notifications while you're playing games and when you're out and about via your mobile device. Meanwhile, since the PS4 doesn't let you access your wishlist from the console's storefront, you'll need to set up the notification through the app or website.

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