The next Last House On The Left

Like a proud parent selling off his children one by one – but still making sure he’s around to keep them decent – Wes Craven has found a directing suitor to marry to his lovely firstborn, or The Last House On The Left, to you and me.

Yes, the film that let Craven crack into moviemaking back in 1972 has been on the helmer’s remake slate for a while, but he’s just now found someone to handle it.

Greek filmmaker Dennis Iliadis – who made a splash with 2004’s Hardcore – has been drafted to make the new version, with writer Adam Alleca on board to scribble the script. According to Craven, he liked Hardcore because it was “compelling and real”, and is hoping Iliadis will bring that feeling to House, while keeping the spirit of the movie about child killers who take refuge with the parents of one of their victims. Yeah, you want that kept real all right.

The blood should be spurting across cameras by early next year.