The Last of Us Part 1 pre-order guide - plus the latest on Firefly Edition stock

The Last of Us Part 1
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It's real and now you can actually nail down a Last of Us Part 1 pre-order. It was one of the worst-kept secrets in games over the past few months but the release has happened and now there are a few ways to secure your pre-order ahead of the September 2, 2022 release date.

You can already secure pre-orders on the standard edition of the game but the Firefly Edition is already proving immensely hard to get for fans anywhere. To cut through the noise, however, we're showing you exactly where you need to be to pre-order The Last of Us Part 1 on PS5 or check for Firefly Edition stock.

And the reality of that is that if you didn't get a Firefly Edition when it was first announced, then you won't have since - it was available only in the US, and sold out extremely quickly. However. Naughty Dog tweeted out at the end of August that a second wave of the Firefly Edition will be coming on September 2nd at 12am ET so mark that in your calendars! The follow-up tweet also confirmed that there was hope the Firefly Edition would come to Europe too - but we'll have to watch this space for that.

Quick Pre-orders

The Last of Us Part 1: $69.99 at Best Buy

The Last of Us Part 1: $69.99 at PlayStation Direct

The Last of Us Part 1 Firefly Edition: $99.99 at PlayStation Direct

As a reminder, we're only looking at a PS5 release for this remake - and PC too - so you won't find a PS4 version here. Whichever version you get will bag you the full game and the Left Behind DLC all in PS5 glory, with enhanced graphics, modernised gameplay, and improved immersion and effects for combat and exploration.

The Standard Edition of the game is the go-to version for most players and is releasing at a full-game price - this is proving to be an annoyance for some, but the fact that this is a full remake, not a remaster, goes some way to mitigating that. You can get it right now for $69.99 at Best Buy and PlayStation Direct.

Perhaps the more exciting announcement here is the Firefly Edition - but this has proved so popular that it's sold out already at PlayStation Direct and doesn't appear to be popping anywhere else. And while the PlayStation Direct listing does imply it's an exclusive only available there, we live in hope that the likes of Amazon and Walmart might end up seeing it - and for it to pop up in other countries and regions too.

Whichever version you want to go for, you can find all the latest Last of Us Remake pre-order info just below.

The Last of Us Part 1 pre-order - Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is the easiest and most straightforward way to pre-order The Last of Us Part 1. You're getting the complete base game and the Left Behind DLC here all in full PS5 glory featuring modern gameplay and utilising the DualSense controller.

The Last of Us Part 1 | Standard Edition | $69.99 at Best Buy

The Last of Us Part 1 | Standard Edition | $69.99 at Best Buy
The simple, clean Standard Edition of the game to pre-order can get you revisiting a timeless classic on day one. Featuring the full game and DLC all enhanced for the PS5. You'll also find this version available right from the source at PlayStation Direct.

UK: £69.99 at Game

The Last of Us Part 1 - Firefly Edition

In my opinion, the most desirable edition to pre-order for most Last of Us fans, the Firefly Edition gets you a more filled-out package that is bound to appeal to those who want to snap up something that has more for the collectors among us. Along with the full game and Left Behind DLC, this edition includes:

  • Steelbook case
  • The Last of Us - American Dreams comics #1-#4 with new cover art
  • A whole host of early skills and weapon upgrades
  • A handful of skins for the 9mm pistol, shotgun, and Ellie's bow
The Last of Us Part 1 | Firefly Edition | $99.99 at PlayStation

The Last of Us Part 1 | Firefly Edition | $99.99 at PlayStation
Rarer than hen's teeth already, the Firefly Edition is currently out of stock, but definitely keep checking back through this link as we would put money on Sony trying to replenish it given the popularity of the game and the series.

UK stock is non-existent at the moment, but we will update this as soon as we spot some.

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