The Last of Us Part 1 damaged Firefly Editions will not be replaced or refunded by Sony

The Last of Us Part I
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Sony is reportedly refusing to replace The Last of Us Part 1 Firefly Editions that have been damaged during shipping, even though the pricey collector's edition was only available from the company's own PlayStation Direct store.  

The Last of Us Part 1 special edition features a steel case, the first four comics in the American Dreams series, as well as a bunch of in-game skins and boosts. 

Given that the Firefly Edition costs $99.99 while the standard version of the game is $69.99, you'd expect that the limited collector's edition would have been securely shipped - especially as it's all sent out in a cardboard presentation pack - but dozens of players have taken to social media to complain about the quality of the packaging.

"Mine was pretty beat up too," said one player, responding to a Reddit thread that shows the state of two packages. "All four corners were damaged, and the plastic holding the comics was torn on one corner which caused the bottom part of the spines to get a bit damaged. I doubt they’ll fix it."

"There's no replacements," complained one user on the game's subreddit community. "They're giving bullshit 20% off another game on their store. So essentially thanks for spending money! Now spend more money!"

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The fact that the Firefly Edition was a PlayStation Direct exclusive has further compounded the issue, with some players saying that they'd rather have picked up the expensive collector's edition from a store than have had it arrive damaged in the post.

As yet, neither Naughty Dog nor Sony itself have commented on the issue.

In the GamesRadar+ The Last of Us Part 1 review, we called it a "remake of exceptional craftsmanship and creative restraint", and gave it four stars out of five.

"The Last of Us Part 1 is, perhaps more than anything, a gorgeous visual love letter to its biggest fans, not to mention a welcoming set of open arms for the inevitable stream of new ones who will arrive to the game via the upcoming Last of Us TV Show from HBO next year," we wrote. 

"Judged in isolation, that's far from a bad thing. But in the context of an industry where remakes are continuing to push the boundaries of the art of restoration, Part 1 struggles to escape the shadow of feeling like a bit of a missed opportunity."

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