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The Last of Us 2 player discovers that Ellie can actually catch the first Stalker in the game

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A The Last of Us 2 player has discovered that catching up with the first Stalker Ellie encounters is actually easier than it seems. 

In a clip shared to The Last of Us’ Subreddit, one player chooses to chase after the Stalker, which is first encountered in the office blocks of Seattle day two. Usually, when Ellie is exploring the abandoned workspace, she first spots the quick-moving infected as it initially runs away from her, however in this player’s case - Ellie runs straight after it. 

You can kill the first stalker appearance if you're fast enough from r/thelastofus

According to the post, this move is possible “if you're fast enough” so requires Ellie to start sprinting as soon as the Stalker makes an appearance. It’s probably also more achievable if this isn’t your first playthrough or if you know it’s about to happen as when these guys first pop up it’s pretty jarring. As one Reddit user commented on the post: “I swear to god, when I first played this section, this stalker scared the ever-living crap out of me!”

Stalkers are just one of many different types of infected in The Last of Us series and can be found in the first game, the DLC The Last of Us: Left Behind, and The Last of Us 2; where they’re most frequently found. They are the mutation step between a Runner and a Clicker, so have the speed of a Runner and aggression of a Clicker. 

The Last of Us fans are continuously discovering new details and tricks hidden in the games, including this hidden dodge animation, glitches that make it harder to keep infected down, and several Uncharted references. Not to mention one fan who went out of bounds in The Last of Us 2 and discovered so many tiny details that previously went unnoticed.  

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