The Last of Us: Left Behind Hidden Trophies guide

As well as earning awards for completing The Last of Us: Left Behind on the various difficult settings and finding every collectible, there are also four hidden Trophies to be unlocked during the course of Ellie and Riley’s adventure. If you don’t know the requirements it’s possible to miss them entirely, so this guide will tell you what you need to do and the best way of doing it in order to complete your silverware collection.

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Chapter 2 – Mallrats 

Brick Master - Win the brick throwing contest

After leaving the Spooky Town shop, Riley will challenge you to break all the windows of the red car before she can destroy the blue one. There are seven windows in total to smash--front and back, sunroof plus two on each side. The trick to winning is not to rush, as if you take it steady and make sure every throw counts you’ll easily have enough time to claim the victory. When aiming, focus on the white circle that shows where the brick will land and ignore the arrow that appears next to it.

Chapter 4 – Fun and Games 

Nobody's Perfect - Played Jak X Combat Racing

When you arrive in Raja’s Arcade, Riley will be waiting for you next to the Angel Knives machine. Before you go over there, head to the rear left of the arcade to find the Jak X Combat Racing machine in the corner, then interact with it to imagine playing one of Naughty Dog’s previous hits.

Angel Knives - Defeat Black Fang without getting hit

After interacting with the Angel Knives machine, Riley will talk you through the game as a series of quick time prompts appear on screen. The full sequence is as follows:

Make sure you enter each set of button presses correctly before the timer bar runs out, inputting combinations marked with + together and repeatedly hitting Square as appropriate. The Trophy will pop once you perform the Ultra Kill finisher.

Skillz - Win the water gun fight

This final hidden Trophy can prove tricky, and you should make two manual saves after leaving the arcade (one will automatically be overwritten) so you can reload if you don’t win the fight without having to replay the chapter. The first encounter with Soak Level displayed on screen doesn’t count.

When you start hunting Riley, the best approach is to keep running around the area as she’ll find it difficult to hit you if you’re constantly moving. Make sure your gun is pumped up to 100% and be ready to open fire as soon as you find her, remembering that if you hear her calling you can also use listen mode to highlight her location. Finally, the fight is a best of three so don’t be too disheartened if you lose a round.

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