The Last of Us 2 out of bounds video shows that character models are so detailed, they have fingerprints

The Last of Us 2
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A video that explores the out-of-bounds areas of The Last of Us 2 has highlighted just how many hidden details there are in the game.

The YouTube channel Speclizer, who created the video, finds previously unnoticed details that are only accessible by breaking the boundaries of the in-game camera. These include finding out that Ellie’s character model has fingerprints, and that teeth can be knocked out of character’s mouths if they take a blow to the face.

Here’s your Spoiler warning for if you haven’t had a chance to play The Last of Us 2 yet, the video below and the rest of this article do expose a few plot details. 

In the video, the modder also finds a hidden blood splatter animation during the scene where Joel and Tommy meet the WLF soldiers, an ironic game over message on the PS Vita screen when Ellie encounters Whitney, and even some hidden tadpoles in a tub of water which aren’t even noticeable when playing the game normally. 

Other details, that seem to be in the game just to make it more accurate, include that Ellie does actually put the items she finds in her bag, instead of just placing them behind her back until they disappear. She can also be seen only picking up ammo for the guns she already owns, and even pulling the trigger for guns with no ammo in. 

Speclizer also found that there is actually a Tommy model in the Abby sniper scene, which is interesting considering players don't actually see him until the end of the scene, and that the bullets Ellie shoots in the flashback with Tommy actually travel to their target, they don’t just disappear soon after leaving the gun. Speaking of Tommy, the video also gives us a close up look of his wounds from when the Jackson group encountered Abby and Lev in the theatre.

The Last of Us 2 is the game that keeps on giving as fans continue to discover new details that previously went unnoticed. Our favorites are the Uncharted references, the Supernatural easter egg, and the hidden ammo saving trick that Ellie can pull off. 

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