The Last of Us 2 has a Supernatural Easter egg

The Last of Us 2
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The Last of Us Part 2 may have come out last year, but players are still unearthing its secrets, like this Supernatural Easter egg. 

TikTok user cringelizard posted a video detailing where to find the Supernatural Easter egg, which references two of the series' main actors: Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins. Check it out below:


either that or this is misha’s corpse and he was carrying jensen’s letter when he died 🥺 ##spn ##spnfamily ##jensenackles ##mishacollins ##thelastofus2

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The Easter egg can be found in the Seattle Conference Center. When you approach the building, Jesse tells Ellie all about comic conventions, which certainly suggests that Ackles and Collins were at a Comic Con doing a Supernatural panel when the apocalypse hits. After traversing the Conference Center and fighting through a few hordes, there's a well-stocked corpse on a ledge that may not look like Jensen Ackles, but is signed by someone named Jensen and references a person named Misha.

The letter reads: "To whatever sorry asshole finds me - can barely keep my hand steady, but everyone on base needs to know" I got ambushed on my way to relieve Misha at the monorail lookout. One of the Scars, I'd swear he looks just like our boy Gray. Fuck, I'm so lightheaded. Someone please put a bullet in that fucking snack's face for me. And tell Mish I'm sorry, I tried to hustle." Cringelizard ends their TikTok video suggesting they may head to the monorail location to try and find Misha.

Supernatural ended its 15-year run in 2020 with a series finale that confirmed long-running fan ship Destiel, a pairing of Dean Winchester (played by Ackles) and angel Castiel (played by Collins). Perhaps there are some Destiel shippers on Naughty Dog's staff...

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