Redditor finds an Uncharted 2 Nate and Tenzin reference in The Last of Us 2

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
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Someone on Reddit has found an Uncharted reference in The Last of Us 2 which is hidden in plain sight.

If you've played Naughty Dog games you'll be aware that the studio likes to pepper in references to its other games, the most notable, of course, is all the Uncharted Easter eggs in The Last of Us and vice versa.

This newly discovered Easter egg has been found in The Last of Us 2 and it's yet another reference to the Uncharted series, this time in the form of some art you probably walked right past on your first playthrough.

As shown by briecheesed in this post, there's a certain piece of art found in Joel's house in Jackson. You'll visit the house as you progress through the story and, as the person on Reddit pointed out, you can see some art of Uncharted protagonist Nathan Drake and the character Tenzin from Uncharted 2.

Check out the post below, which is titled "Uncharted 2 Easter Egg in TLoU Part II (It’s Nate and Tenzin!)"

Uncharted 2 Easter Egg in TLoU Part II (It’s Nate and Tenzin!) I didn’t see this posted anywhere else, so my apologies if this is old news from r/thelastofus

According to the comments on Reddit, a lot of people seem to have missed this particular one, even on multiple playthroughs, with one person saying: "Whoa I’ve NEVER seen that! Great catch, I can’t believe I missed that during all of my different playthroughs".

Another person mentioned that this piece of art is "more than an Easter egg," claiming that the Nate and Tenzin sequence "is one of the main inspirations for Joel and Ellie".

There are plenty more Uncharted Easter eggs in The Last of Us, like a Nathan Drake Halloween costume found in one of the shops in the Left Behind DLC and the ring worn by Drake can be found in a bank near the start of The Last of Us 2 when Ellie enters Seattle.

Did you spot this reference when you first played? Check out our list of all the best Last of Us 2 Easter eggs.

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