The Last of Us glitch makes it much harder to keep infected down

The Last of Us Clicker
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A The Last of Us Remastered player has shared a frustrating Clicker death that a glitch made them powerless to prevent. 

The unfortunate death, which was shared to the game's subreddit shows Joel getting attacked by a Clicker who takes a bite out of the protagonist’s neck. That's normally pretty par for the Last of Us course, but the unusual thing about this move is that the unfortunate player had decapitated the infected only moments before with a well-aimed headshot. Despite lacking a head, let alone teeth and a jaw, the zombie manages to take a chunk out of Joel's neck.

"Very deadly and hard to take down" would appear so... from r/thelastofus

What adds extra salt to the wound is that after Joel has been taken out, a hint appears on screen which reads “Clickers use echolocation to find their targets. They are very deadly and hard to take down.” The player who shared the original clip joked in the caption of the video ""very deadly and hard to take down" would appear so…”

Another fan replied in the comments of the post noting that the exact same thing happened to them a few months ago. In u/StAndby00’s clip, Joel shoots the Clicker not once, but twice and still ends up getting attacked by the infected without a head.

This incident appears after a string of other fans have found other glitches in The Last of Us, including one fan who had their The Last of Us 2 Permadeath playthrough cut short due to an infuriating glitch, which is frankly painful to watch. It’s not all terrible though, another fan has actually created their own patch for the first The Last of Us game which fixes an 8-year-old glitch that many fans had previously never encountered. 

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