The Last of Us 2 imagined as a comic in fan-art illustration

The Last of Us 2 Ellie in combat
(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment + Naughty Dog)

The Last of Us 2 has been imagined as a comic book in this fan-created illustration.

The Last of Us 2 in the style of a worn-down comic book has been created by illustrator Mark Scicluna (via Reddit) and shows Ellie and Dina in combat with an enemy in Seattle's parking garage. The final result is lovely and shares similarities to comic books from the '60s or '70s complete with the "cost", the date, and a very stylized logo.

While the worn-down effect seems to be a recurring style in Scicluna's works –such as their Resident Evil Village comic– it fits the tone of The Last of Us 2, since the world is set in an apocalyptic future. Additionally, there are worn books and comics present throughout the game's world. Scicluna also shared a close-up image of the detail going into Ellie's violent attack, as well as another look at the same image but just as line art.

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While the above isn't an official comic sadly, there was a comic series released back in 2013 titled 'The Last of Us: American Dreams' for the original game. These were published by Dark Horse and written by the game's creator Neil Druckmann and artist Faith Erin Hicks. There were only 4 issues released, which were later sold as a collection.

We've seen fans enjoying the game and creating their own creations such as one fan's illustrations showing what the characters would look like 30-years later. Another fan created a GTA 4-styled opening sequence using the characters from the sequel to mimic Grant Theft Auto's loading screens. 

The Last of Us 2 launched last year for PS4 and has a PS5 patch available now, allowing players to experience performance and graphical improvements. There are also reports that the original game is being remade to take advantage of the PS5. The Last of Us HBO TV show is in the works and is due to start filming in July with Craig Mazin, creator of HBO's Chernobyl writing and producing the series alongside Druckmann.

Check out some official artwork from Naughty Dog as the studio celebrates Pride Month with a montage featuring characters that represent the LGBTQIA+ community.

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