The Last of Us 2 PS5 patch brings next-gen graphics to Naughty Dog's masterpiece

The Last of Us 2
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The Last of Us 2 PS5 patch has been officially revealed in a new trailer that has debuted today.

Taking to the PlayStation Blog to announce the news, Naughty Dog's Director of Communications Arne Mayer writes: "One of the most requested items from our community has been to release a PS5 performance patch for The Last of Us 2.  Well, today is the day and you can download the free patch right now!"

Mayer details what to expect from the The Last of Us 2 PS5 patch, which is numbered 1.08, including the ability to toggle between a 30fps and 60fps performance mode. This goes alongside other enhancements that focus on resolution, faster loading times, and more. However, the blog post doesn't mention whether or not this patch will also bring haptic feedback or adaptive trigger support. 

Mayer goes on to write: "The team has been digging into the PS5 hardware and the possibilities it unlocks since launch last year and we’re excited about what the future holds. This patch is just the first step of working on the PS5. We’ll let you know when we’ve got more news to share!" While it sounds like Naughty Dog's next announcement might be a while off, it's exciting to see the results of its work already with this new patch.

Of course, the community has been putting The Last of Us 2 through its paces for a while now, with a new video going up recently that showed off some of the out of bounds details you really have to search for. But hey, what better excuse could you need to go back than to test out the new 60fps mode, right? 

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