The Last of Us 2 fan creates GTA 4-style opening sequence

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The Last of Us 2 has received a fan-made GTA 4-themed opening screen.

Reddit user mrheroschool shared a video of how The Last of Us 2 would look if it had a similar opening sequence to GTA 4. If you recall the years where we didn't have SSD-fuelled loading times, you may remember the painfully long wait for a GTA game to load. Thankfully, Rockstar showcased some character art with music to help pass the time while your game loaded, which is where the inspiration for this comes from.

The opening features an animated title sequence with a Vice City-esque font for "Part 2" stylized to look similar to Grand Theft Auto 4 with stills from The Last of Us 2. Following that is a range of characters from the game with each being a static cutout, slowly moving over various locations from the game that are relevant to each character. Dina shows  up in the theatre, Ellie appears in the museum, and Jesse with the camp to list a few.

All of these images are accompanied by a funky, upbeat soundtrack that doesn't really fit the tone of The Last of Us 2's dark story but as an opening sequence, it would be great to watch while waiting for the game to load.

The Last of Us 2 launched last year on PS4 and a new next-gen update brings the game to life for the PS5, there's also a TV series in the works with HBO with Neil Druckmann producing. Pedro Pascal has been officially cast as Joel with Bella Ramsey being cast as Ellie. The HBO series is set to start filming in July and looks set to launch next year, with a re-interpretation of certain parts of the original game.

Meanwhile, Rockstar's last Grand Theft Auto title, GTA 5, launched back in 2013 but still tops the charts to this day with a still thriving GTA Online community. An Xbox Series X and PS5 version is set to launch in November, although there are talks of GTA 6 on the way.

If you're looking to jump into the zombie apocalypse with the next-gen update, be sure to check out these The Last of Us 2 tips.

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