The Halo TV show will be available outside the US, Microsoft confirms

Halo TV series
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Microsoft has seemingly confirmed that the upcoming Halo TV show won't be exclusive to the US.

In a tweet spotted by GameSpot, 343 Industries exec Kiki Wolfkill responded to a UK-based Halo fan concerned that the series' recently announced move to North American streaming service Paramount Plus would leave out international fans. Thankfully, without giving away specifics, Wolfkill confirmed that's not the case. "No details to share but don't you worry... no Spartan left behind!" she said.

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Just last week, a Deadline report revealed that the Halo TV series was moving from its original home at Showtime to Paramount Plus, a new streaming service coming to the US and Canada on March 4. The same report gave a Q1 2022 release window for the Halo TV show, which means we should be sat on the couch next to our Master Chief collectible helmet watching the 343 Industries-produced series sometime before April 1 of next year.

Production on the series took a short break late last year due to COVID, but it's back and barrelling ahead like a Mongoose at full-speed now - check out these behind-the-scenes images for a little sneak peek. Master Chief actor Pablo Schreiber also offered a glimpse of the bottom half of the protagonist's iconic helmet in a recent Instagram post.

Again, Wolfkill's tweet doesn't do much beyond assuage the fear of missing out, but at the very least, UK fans can rest assured that the Halo TV series will be available sometime, somewhere. More likely, it'll make its way to most major markets eventually.

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