The first Defenders trailer teases a 4-way hallway fight, evil Electra, and the perfect response to "the immortal Iron Fist"

Here's the first full trailer for The Defenders and, yes, basically. From Jessica Jones' attitude to Daredevil's zings, Luke Cage's big slab of no bullshit, and Iron Fist. He's there too. Although to be honest, the consensus reaction so far is that the few seconds of Defenders' Iron Fist is better than all of his actual series. 

There's a few things to note in there, like the clear tease that we'll be getting some kind of big set piece hallway fight featuring all four characters - a tradition started with Daredevil season one that now seems to be a requirement of all Netflix's Marvel shows. 

We also get to see Electra, alive, well and apparently fully evil judging by all that 'punching Daredevil through a window' bit. 

And then there's Stick, Daredevil's crotchety old mentor, apparently back and guiding the team. Plus Sigourney Weaver in full villain mode, teasing that old bad guy chestnut that friendships are a good guy weakness: "the more connections you have the easier it will be to break you." We'll see. 

Oh, and head to about 52 seconds to see what Luke Cage really thinks of that "I'm the immortal Iron Fist" line. 

You can find out everything we know about The Defenders right here, or find out a little bit more about how this fits into with the rest of Netflix's Marvel shows

The Defenders stars Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Rosario Dawson, Mike Colter, and Finn Jones, and arrives on Netflix on August 18, 2017.

Images: Netflix

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