Disney Plus announces surprise debut for a hugely popular manga adaptation that may as well be called John Wick: The Anime

The Fable
(Image credit: Tezuka Productions)

Need something to fill the John Wick-shaped hole in your heart? Us too. Thankfully, Disney Plus is firing on all cylinders with the announcement of a new anime coming your way very soon.

As confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, The Fable – the manga written and illustrated by Katsuhisa Minami  – is hitting the streaming service worldwide on April 7.

A quick glance at The Fable suggests it wears its John Wick influence on its sleeve though, curiously, debuted only mere weeks after Keanu Reeves got payback for his dog on the big screen back in 2014. The manga, which ended in 2019, proved hugely popular in Japan, with over 20 million copies in circulation.

The Fable is all about the juiciest of premises: a hitman who can kill anyone within six seconds. Unfortunately for Fable, his sponsor puts a stop to all the slaying and bloodletting, ordering him to go without killing for a whole year. Seeing as how he’s surrounded by some of Japan’s biggest criminals and lowlife scum, that might be easier said than done but, hey, even John Wick almost adapted to everyday life.

The Fable will be produced by Astro Boy studio Tezuka Productions and directed by Ryōsuke Takahashi, the veteran figure who is currently in his seventh decade of working in the anime industry.

The Fable should form part of what is already an incredibly exciting 12 months ahead. Demon Slayer season 4 is heading our way this spring, while we’ll have to wait a little longer to clap eyes on Goku and company in Dragon Ball Daima. In between, there’s everything from Bleach, Arcane season 2, and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime to look forward to.

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