The Dark Knight Rises viral campaign continues

More viral goodness to bring you this morning from The Dark Knight Rises , with the release of a new Bane t-shirt, and more interestingly, a map of Gotham listing various “strike zones”.

The new info comes courtesy of Superhero Hype , who were sent a package containing a t-shirt emblazoned with Bane’s image and bearing the motto “Fire Rises”. Pretty neat on its own merits, but more interesting was the packaging it came in.

Attached to the cylindrical tube in which the t-shirt was delivered was a map of Gotham detailing a number of “strike zones”, presumably a list of targets for Bane’s terrorist uprising.

The map makes reference to a series of “rally points” (one of which is presumably Gotham’s mirror-image of Wall Street) as well as noting the potential response time for the Gotham City Police Department.

Looks as though Bane’s got quite the plan in mind for Gotham, with the League Of Shadows’ plan to raze the city to the ground seemingly back up and running. We’ll let you know as soon as the next viral nugget tells us more…

George Wales

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