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The Dark Knight Rises plot leaked online

dark knight rises

Chris Nolan has been keeping security around his third Batman movie pretty airtight over the past few months.

But he may have overlooked a breach somewhere, as one online source is claiming that it’s gotten its hands on the (very basic-sounding) plot for The Dark Knight Rises.

Bad Ass Digest report that the threequel's plot follows Batman’s fight against the League of Shadows, the vigilante organisation spearheaded by Talia al Ghul, who has Bane (Tom Hardy) as her love interest protector.

According to BAD , Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play a member of the League, while Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) will join forces with Batman to fight the organisation at the film's close.

BAD haveen't named their source, referring to them as 'someone close to the Batcamp'.

Despite our reservations about these things, the plot does sound pretty legit – especially when you consider the League originally showed up in Batman Begins , which would give Rises a very trilogy-esque dove-tail closer.