The craziest GTA videos... Part 2

The one with the six-minute sky dive

Well, nearly six minutes. Even so, watching this phenomenal drop highlights quite how much time gamers spend prodding, poking and playing around with GTA's limits. Whatever will they do with GTA IV?

The one where CJ just won't die

By rights, he ought to be street pizza. A twitching bloody pancake. A flat man. Dead. Instead, Carl Johnson calmly gets up and walks away. Don't try this at home, kids. Or anywhere, for that matter.

The one with the huge explosions - and base jumping!

Explosions are cool, natch. And what else is cool? Base jumping, that's what. So why not put the two together? And, in case you need more explosive entertainment, try these big bangs.

The one with the Monowheel

Not so crazy on its own. But what really tickled us is that the poster had to publish a disclaimer screaming "THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SOUTHPARK" in reference to Mr. Garrison's molest-o-vehicle, 'IT'. Which made us chuckle. And then wince. Someone really ought to make that mod.