The craziest GTA videos... Part 2

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Eight days left. Eight days until the whole gaming world pulls a sickie. Eight days until Grand Theft Auto IV finally launches and we can stop thinking about it and start playing the damn thing. It's so close we can almost see the HUD. So what say we all heighten our anticipation with another dose of brill GTA action courtesy of lovely YouTube users?

As we discovered in Part #1, the video-sharing site is squeezed full of Grand Theft Auto movies showcasing all the insane, entertaining and downright silly things to be done in Rockstar's open worlds. So it wasn't too hard to round up this big batch of fun and spool it out for your enjoyment. So go on! Enjoy, we tell you!

The one with the luckiest landings ever

Kicking things off is this stunt video, which could so easily have been pants. Instead, it's a montage of jumps, leaps and spins that - by rights - ought to turn out as disasters but become graceful acrobatic feats. Impressive, if more than a little lucky.

The one with 'real' GTA action

There are, it seems, lots of people (opens in new tab) out there who really want to play at being in GTA. Only, of course, without the death row consequences. Funnily enough, this actually turns out to be an advert for the game on PS2 - exactly the sort of advert that would be banned in most places even before it left the production studio.

The one with the WARNING: This video contains very bad language

Funny? Stupid? Or just mad? The GamesRadar office is split by disagreement on whether this oddly-accented re-enactment of a GTA-style mission is any good or not. What's not for discussion, though, is that it's the product of some very weird minds.

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