The craziest GTA videos... Part 2

The one that's like a music video

Plenty of videos use the super-vehicle spawn cheat, making dozens of cars materialise in a matter of seconds. But none look quite as cool as this vid (especially at 0:50) which cleverly matches up the rhythm of vehicles popping into existence with REM's End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) to wonderful effect.

The one with the air plane coincidence

You might have seen this one before. We know we have - about sixteen hundred times. Because every time we watch it, we still can't believe what happens. It's so perfectly mental.

The one with the "biggest world jump ever"

Can you feel the tension? The anticipation? The skilfully ramped up excitement at the crucial point of take-off? Or just the brain-tricked deflation of being so easily tricked into expecting something amazing?

The one with the door at 30,000ft

It would seem that, with a few cheats and a little tweaking, exploring the skies of San Andreas turns up more than a few surprising landmarks.