From spin-offs to a MCU-style universe, is The Boys becoming everything it’s parodied?

Homelander (Antony Starr) in Gen V
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The king is dead, long live the king: After the announcement of the show’s second spin-off The Boys: Mexico, a fierce debate has erupted among The Boys fanbase: is it becoming everything it's parodied?

In reply to a viral tweet that felt The Boys was close to aping everything it mocked, one fan wrote, "I'm sorry I respect you but this logic has always irked me lmao. I don't think you understand the point of what The Boys is parodying. Having spinoff shows and a connected universe is being parodied for sure but it's not the entire identity of the show."

In response, another said: "They literally rip into the idea of superheroes being mass marketed at endless sequels and reboots multiple times in the show. Some would say ad nauseam."

Others also weighed in. One Twitter user remarked, "I thought The Boys mocked the whole MCU formula thing, idk anymore." 

Another commented,"I really really really hate this argument because The Boys doesn't just "parody" the MCU/DCEU, but corporate America as a whole. With that in mind the show has been hypocritical since day one because it's made by Amazon yet no one cares about that fact lol."

The debate, then, is fairly evenly split – but the naysayers have a point. For a show that has positioned itself as the antithesis of cinematic universes and frequently throws veiled barbs at everything from streaming services to the mass-marketed appeal of superheroes, The Boys is flying a little too close to the sun for many.

Arguably, it all began when show creator Eric Kripke confirmed that The Boys season 4 will pick up mere days after the events of Gen V’s first season, which saw Homelander intervene at Godolkin U. That, in turn, will be followed by Gen V season 2. The college-set spin-off also surprisingly featured many of the major players of The Boys, turning what felt like its own separate thing into a can’t-miss MCU-style spin-off for those who craved the full story.

Maybe the show will make fun of itself next? The Boys season 4 is set to release in 2024. For more, check out more of the best shows on Prime Video.

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