The Bloodborne demake is being made into a kart racer

(Image credit: Lilith Walther)

The Bloodborne demake is being transformed into a kart racer.

With solid Souls combat wrapped up in a stunning gothic design, Bloodborne is considered a masterpiece by many. But would the game work as a kart racer? It's probably not a question that many have asked, but it's something that we will soon have an answer to, thanks to the newly announced Bloodborne Kart.

This fan project is by Lilith Walther, who unveiled the game in a short video on Twitter. The game started out as an April Fool's joke by the creator, who also made the recent Bloodborne PS1 demake, Bloodborne PSX. They tweeted last year that Bloodborne PSX was cancelled and that Bloodborne Kart was being made instead.

Well, it's a little early for April Fool's this year, meaning Walther must now be serious about bringing the karting game to life. It's not yet clear when you'll be able to speed around the streets of Yharnam as the video simply states that Bloodborne Kart will be released "when it's ready".

The Bloodborne PS1 demake, now available to download on PC, strips back the graphics to show exactly how the game would have looked if FromSoftware had released it in the 90s. And it looks like Walther will use the same graphical style for their upcoming Bloodborne-inspired racer.

There are seemingly no official plans for a Bloodborne PS5 remake or a fully-fledged sequel which makes the prospect of revisiting the series with this quirky demake all the more exciting.

The Bloodborne PSX developer recently spoke to us about the hidden secrets behind downgrading a classic.

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