Bloodborne PS1 demake is finally available to play on PC

Bloodborne PSX demake
(Image credit: Lilith Walther)

The Bloodborne PS1 demake is now available to play on PC after 13 months in development. 

The fan-made remake’s developer Lilith Walther shared the good news in a tweet that revealed the game is now available to download and thanked those who have been waiting patiently to play it for all their support over the duration of the game's development.

Bloodborne PSX - as it is officially called - also got a new launch trailer today and, as you can imagine from a PS1 demake, looks exactly like how you’d expect a FromSoftware game to look like if it came out in the late 90s. In fact, it may actually be spookier looking now with the stripped-back graphics. 

The game is available via for free. In the demake, players will travel to the city of Yharnam and encounter a number of recognizable Bloodborne enemies including Huntsman, Hunting Dogs, Skeletal Puppet, and many more. 

Speaking to GamesRadar+ back in January 2021, Lilith said that: "It's a tough balancing act to change designs to feel retro, while also staying true to the PS4 original." However, by just watching the Bloodborne PSX launch trailer, you’ll be able to see how well Lillith and the team managed to pull off a Soulsborne-type game whilst sticking to the aesthetics suitable for the PS1 era. 

If you’re wondering if Lilith will be making any more demakes in the future, the developer told us last year that they had received a lot of requests for a demake of the original Dark Souls, but they aren’t sure if they want to continue making demakes now that Bloodborne PSX has been released. Instead, Lilith is being kept busy with their own original IP indie game WitchJRPG which is also currently in the works. 

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