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The Amazing Spider-Mans Lizard revealed in concept art


After yesterday’s story revealed that The Amazing Spider-Man ’s big bad, The Lizard, had been ignominiously spoiled by a tie-in Pez dispenser, more concept art has surfaced online.

ComingSoon spotted this image over at and they reckon it’s a fairly good match for The Lizard revealed at this year’s Comic-Con (even though it's a slightly weedier earlier design).

If you’re averse to spoilers, you probably wouldn’t have read this far anyway, but now’s the time to look away.

This incarnation of Dr Curt Connors’ reptilian alter-ego looks oddly like a man-in-a-suit design, despite the fact that he’ll be a CGI-creation on screen.

The lack of snout gives The Lizard a fairly human face, though since one of our Facebook followers said Lizard-Pez “looks like one of the reptilian dudes from the Super Mario film” we can’t get the image of those godforsaken Goombas out of our mind.

Check out the full image below:

The Amazing Spider-Man opens on 4 July 2012.