Taken TV spin-off images show Bryan Mills and his particular set of skills

The latest in a long line of movies being adapted for television is the franchise which relaunched Liam Neeson's career. Alas, Neeson won't reprise his role as Bryan Mills for the Taken TV spin-off, passing the torch along to Vikings star Clive Standen. Seeing as he's a bit younger, he'll be playing Mills prior to the events of the trilogy in NBC's prequel show that's being executive produced by Luc Besson. 

To give us a taste of how the series is shaping up, today brings a gallery of new images that show Standen striking several familiar poses. Check them out below.

The days before all of his loved ones were kidnapped see Mills wrapped up in much of the same; comforting sobbing people (presumably who've had their loved ones taken?) and pointing guns at suspects. It's not much of a surprise though, really. The series is being touted as a modern-day prequel, that will shed light on how he came to acquire that particular set of skills. As evidenced by that last promo pic, he won't be beating up the bad guys alone. Jennifer Beals co-stars as the Special Deputy Director of National Intelligence, who mentors the young Mills. Wonder if he'll add welding to his iconic skillset.

Currently, there's no official US or UK premiere date for the series, however IMDB lists its Canadian debut as September 1, 2016 so expect it to drop around that time.

Images: NBC

Gem Seddon

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