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Luc Besson working on Taken TV show for NBC

NBC have announced a straight-to-series order for a drama prequel based on Luc Besson's 2008 action film Taken, according to THR (opens in new tab). The writer and director is set to produce the new TV show, which will revisit the world of the film.

We don't know much about the show so far other than the fact it's based on the kick-ass action movie, which saw Liam Neeson deliver the most quotable speech in the history of cinema. The fact that it's a prequel would seem to suggest that it will focus on Bryan Mills' CIA career, before he became a super protective dad who had to chase down his daughter's kidnappers. Could we even find out what turns Mills into such a badass in the first place? Maybe he used to be a softie...

So far there's no writer, showrunner or cast members attached to the series, and the number of episodes is still unconfirmed, but with the (slightly delayed) popularity of the film, we'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

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