Surprise! Valheim's Mistlands update is out now

Valheim characters face into a vast dark cave
(Image credit: Iron Gate)

Valheim's Mistlands update has a release date, and it just so happens to be right now. 

Developer Iron Gate has revealed the news with a swanky new Valheim Mistlands cinematic that reimagines our lovely low-poly Vikings as cartoon characters. The trailer has an authentic '90s vibe to it, though my favourite part of it all is the chunky metal riffs prominent in Valheim's earlier marketing make a return – as is only good and proper. 

Coffee Stain VP of publishing Albert Säfström calls the update the game's most ambitious yet, before laying out a desire to remind everyone running around in top-level gear how brutal the game can be. 

"[Mistlands] recaptures the feeling of playing the game for the first time," he says. "Confident players who have been running around in high-level Plains gear crushing their foes will be reminded of why Valheim is considered a "brutal" survival game."

If you’ve been out of the loop, Mistlands introduces a brand-new Valheim Eitr magic system alongside a new biome stuffed with new foes like the Valheim Seeker and allies to meet. Naturally, there’s a good helping of new weapons, crafting recipes, and resources. 

We’ve already played a bit of it, too, finding the Mistlands to be a “wonderfully atmospheric area: one filled with magic, mystery, and lore”. In our Mistlands preview, Emma calls it “an eerie, mystical place – one that rekindles the sense of uncertainty I felt in my first few expeditions in Valheim.”

In other news, the festive season has also arrived in Valheim, with a recent update introducing Yule items and other quality-of-life features like less slippery fish – trust us, it improves the fishing. 

Did you know, Valheim devs want to make a sequel, but one idea has already been vetoed?

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