Star Wars: The High Republic is introducing a Wookiee Jedi

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The High Republic, a new Star Wars story set to be told across a range of novels and comics, launches next year and, thanks to the official Star Wars site, we have a fresh look at some of the Jedi joining the saga. 

The High Republic takes place around 200 years before Qui Gon-Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi came across young Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. It was the Jedi’s high point and saw the mystical knights defending all corners of the galaxy.

Among the new characters coming to the series is Wookiee Padawan called Burryaga. Yes, Wookiee Jedi are now a thing. Charles Soule, author of Light of the Jedi, said: “Burryaga is one of the few Wookiees to travel from the lush forests of Kashyyyk to study in the ornate halls of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.”

He also shared a bit more about Burryaga’s potential as a Padawan learner: “While he is skilled with his two-handed lightsaber, it is Burryaga’s natural, effortless ability to sense the emotions of others that sets him apart from other members of the Order.”

If you’re thinking no one will be able to understand Burryaga’s Shyriiwook roars, there’s no need to worry – his master learned the language especially for him.

As well as Burryaga, readers will get to meet Bell Zettifar, a Padawan to a famous Jedi. Bell and his master will be on the planet Elphrona in the Outer Rim, an unforgiving environment that Bell explores with a charhound called Ember. Plus, The High Republic Adventures comic written by Daniel José Older will feature a new, enthusiastic Padawan called Lula Talisola, who hopes to become the greatest Jedi in history.  

Meanwhile, another new character, Reath Silas, will be introduced in Claudia Gray’s novel Into the Dark. Reath is said to have had a more luxurious experience learning with a master on the Jedi Council, and is set to get a surprise when he heads out to the wider galaxy. The beauty of a series set back in the past is that there's a lot of scope for new stories, so we're excited to see what else is revealed about the High Republic next January. 

For now, check out our timeline of every major Star Wars event in chronological order to get up to speed.

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