The Bad Batch creatives talk Omega's origins – and potential Star Wars crossovers

Omega in Star Wars: The Bad Batch
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Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 is swiftly approaching, and from the latest trailer, we know we'll be seeing the return of Gungi the Wookiee Padawan, Crosshair, Commander Cody, and Emperor Palpatine himself. 

Unsurprisingly, though, the show will also continue to explore the Bad Batch's relationship with Omega, the young Clone who helped them to escape from Kamino, and subsequently joined their ranks.

"We have so much fun with these tough guy soldiers as the dads of Omega," supervising director Brad Rau tells SFX Magazine in the latest issue. "In season one it was a new thing for them. Now that time has passed, we're seeing how they've settled into those roles as a bunch of dads."

Crucially, the show has yet to explain why the Kaminoans created Omega, a seemingly unique female Clone of Jango Fett, who ages at the standard rate, and wasn't bred for war. "We definitely continue with learning about Omega's background, and the reasons why she was with [cloners] Nala Se and Lama Su on Kamino," head writer Jennifer Corbett teases. "But the Batch don't care what she is. All they know is that she's their sister, their squad member, and that's it for them."

Omega is also the sister of one Boba Fett – you may have heard of him – and has already had a run-in with the bounty hunter's future partner-in-crime Fennec Shand. Even so, Corbett is quick to shoot down SFX's suggestion that Omega might go looking for Jango's most famous son. "Where Boba Fett is at this moment is a very different path to Omega's. They're on different journeys at the moment."

It is, however, safe to assume that we'll learn more about the final scene of season one, where Nala Se met an Imperial scientist wearing the same uniform as The Mandalorian's resident geneticist, Dr. Pershing.

"That's not a coincidence," confirms Rau, "but I don't want to talk too much about what's going on there. We've got to leave some things in the dark, but we do get into all of that, one hundred per cent."

The Bad Batch arrives on Disney Plus this January 4 – see our The Bad Batch release schedule to keep up to date on when exactly every episode drops. 

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