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Star Wars Battlefront beta gets Sullust, where the floor is literally lava

The Star Wars Battlefront beta will let players try out Drop Zone mode on Sullust, on top of the previously confirmed Walker Assault on Hoth. EA and DICE gave a more detailed rundown of the technical test in a post to Battlefront's official website.

If you haven't been keeping up on your Star Wars Battlefront terminology, Walker Assault is the mode where 20 Rebels need to blow up a looming herd of AT-ATs while 20 Imperials defend it. Drop Zone is basically 10v10 King of the Hill, but with power-up-laden orbital pods instead of a hill. Beta players will also be able to try out the Stranded on Tatooine mission on their own, online with a buddy, or offline in local co-op.

We're still waiting on more solid dates for the beta than "October," but it will be free and open across all platforms whenever it arrives. Hopefully EA and DICE leave themselves enough time to work on the beta feedback, since the full game's release date is November 17.

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Connor Sheridan
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