Star Wars Battlefront's single player "inspired by moments from the films"

By design director Niklas Fegraeus' own words Star Wars Battlefront is "first and foremost a multiplayer game". It's what the series is known for, but what about the single player side of it? The 'Missions' mentioned when the game was announced?

Fegraeus describes these as “crafted challenges that are inspired by moments from the films” in the latest issue Official Xbox Magazine. This component, he says, "allows players to basically jump into these crafted challenges where they can play either alone or with a friend cooperatively online or split-screen". It sounds a lot like a bot mode unsurprisingly, but with that idea of recreating the movie experience rather than just an offline version of the multiplayer. "These missions offer challenges that are inspired by the films and they also focus on re-playability," continues Fegraeus. "You can just jump in and play or you can turn up the difficulty to get a real challenge and try to beat the hardest things".

Obviously for Stormtroopers in the single player game you need to recreate AI that can't hit a damn thing, something Star Wars Battlefront does online by having no iron sights. .

You can read more about Star Wars Battlefront in OXM's cover story, which is out Friday the 8th of May. Download it here or subscribe for future issues.

Leon Hurley
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